Spring is here.

We have some pretty notions to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Visit us today.spring notions


Sparkle for New Years

Add a bit of sparkle and glam to your New Year’s decor. Find the perfect decorating accessories at Twine and Trimmings. Ring in 2018 with a touch of your own crafting magic. Happy Holidays!

Tie it up with ribbon…

In this last dash before the holidays, we are all scrambling to find the perfect gift and spend precious time with family and friends. Find unique pottery gifts at our Bale and Twine shops on Amazon and Etsy. At Twine and Trimmings, we carry beautiful trims and ribbons to make your gift wrap extra special.

Pottery from Bale and Twine as seen on Amazon Handmade and Etsy.

Christmas Wreaths, try a pop of color.

This holiday season, I decided to create some unique Christmas wreaths. I studied trimmings and ornaments and browsed ribbons for hours. My workshop was filled from corner to corner with fun. Ribbons of all textures and hues, ornaments galore and many, many sparkles. I still find them everywhere, little hints of holiday cheer catching the light. I have some of the following wreaths available for sale on my Etsy shop.Twine and Trimmings on Etsy holiday wreaths

Deluxe Mini Christmas Tree Tutorial

This mini tree decoration is loaded with fun holiday sparkle. This is created using a hot glue gun and a foam cone base, ribbon, trim, pompoms, and mini bows. Read below to see how it was put together.treecenterpieceaAHere are some of the elements used to create this fun Christmas centerpiece. I decided to use the mini bows instead of the plaid bows pictured. I cut lengths of ribbon long enough to go over the top of the tree and hang down on each side. These were then hot glued in place.

Next, using hot glue, I pinched the top ribbon edges in to give it a more finished look. Once the foam base was covered in the ribbon, I then wrapped a sparkly ribbon around, gluing in place.

Then I selected other ribbons and trims to wrap around the tree.

The pom pom and ribbon bow top was sewn in place for a more secure hold. For a finishing touch, decorative pom poms and mini bows were glued on as mini ornaments. I also create tiny gold ornaments from gold tinsel wire and glue these on too.

This festive Christmas tree centerpiece is available for purchase at my shop on Etsy, Twine and Trimmings.

Bow Making from Remnants

If you are like me, you don’t like to throw any sizeable ribbon remnants away. So today, I decided to create a bow from some of my left over ribbon pieces. nautical bow5To make it interesting, I chose different ribbon textures, velvet, sheer and wired canvas. I used some glitter leaves for a touch of holiday sparkle. I also worked front to back on this project, starting with the top ribbon as I had the most length in it.

Cut approximately 10 inches off a 2 yard length of sheer ribbon. Form the bow loops on top of the cut off piece. Pinch the center of the bow loops, and cinch in place with a couple of stitches. The gold leaves I used have wire stems that can be wrapped around the center of the bow.

Here is where I changed things, (sorry did not take updated photos). I had originally placed the anchor ribbon under the sheer bow. Later, I decided that the burgundy velvet bow would look better there so I removed the anchor bow and put the velvet one under the sheer bow.

Create these bows from various lengths, 20 inches for the wired and a bit less for the velvet. Fold the ribbon lengths in half, overlapping the ends. Stitch the center to cinch into a bow shape. Sew to attach each bow under the first bow.

After adding a bow in a striped wired ribbon, I only had one piece of this ribbon left. Pinch the center and stitch in place. Snip the ends in a V shape for a nice look. You do this by folding the ribbon in half length wise and cutting a small diagonal off the end. (Cut towards the ribbon length from the end)

To add more dimension the center of the formed bow, you can add a fun ribbon flower. To make it, cut a length of ribbon, sew loose stitches along one edge and pull to gather into a flower shape. Use a separate piece of ribbon to form the long loose ends, stitch in place. Cut the tails for a finished look. I used about a yard length to make  both the flower and loose ends. Use a glue gun to attach glitter leaves. I tucked mine between the velvet bow and the wired bow. For the final touch, add a button to the very center of the bow, either glue or stitch in place.

This bow is available for purchase on my Etsy shop, as are many of the pieces used to create it. nautical bow5


Wreath Making Tutorial

wreath20Today, we will create this lovely wreath using silk flowers, ribbon and fabric leaves. Start with a 12 inch foam wreath. I used around 9 yards of the 1 1/2 inch wide champagne double satin ribbon to wrap the wreath in.

Start with a dab of hot glue, (you can also use glue dots), and begin to wrap the ribbon around the wreath, overlapping it as you go.

I then used around 2 yards of the fuchsia tinsel ribbon to create a hanging loop and decorative ribbon over top the champagne ribbon. Fold the tinsel ribbon in half and create a loop. Hot glue the two sides of the ribbon to the back side of the wreath. Then wind the remaining ribbon around the wreath, finishing at the bottom. Bring the ribbon ends to the back of the wreath and hot glue.

Gather leaves to use as you wish around the wreath. You can trim them to any length and twist the wires together to hold in place before gluing to the wreath.

Add small flower clusters and silk pearl leaves to the wreath, glue in place. step14Layout your flowers and additional leaves before gluing in place to make sure that you are happy with the design. I grouped vintage silk pink flowers on the bottom edge of the wreath. I used dark green leaves behind them to set them off. Towards the top edge of the wreath I used the lavender flowers and leaves. I placed gold leaves in between for a bit of sparkle and glam. Continue to fill in with leaves to complete the wreath. If you would like to purchase this wreath, it is available on my Etsy store, Twine and Trimmings.

MR & MRS Bunting Tutorial

mrmrs6Today, we are creating a rustic bunting for a Fall wedding. A charming MR & MRS burlap banner. Using a piece of 6 inch wide burlap ribbon and cut out felt letters, you can either glue or sew them together. I chose to sew the letters in place to give it a more secure finish. You can purchase burlap ribbon online at our shop Twine and Trimmings. We can get in black felt if you need it. Just send us a message through our shop on Etsy. Choose a fun font on your computer for the words MR & MRS. I made my letters approx. 4 inches high. I printed them out and used the paper forms to trace and cut out the felt letters. mrmrs1I then centered the felt words on my burlap bunting. You can make the bunting as long as you need to. Pin the letters in place to sew or just glue them.

Pin the letters in place to sew or just glue them.

Add ribbon or twine or even raffia to ends to hang. We have lovely Fall shades of raffia in stock. mrmrs6

Sparkly Bow Decoration Tutorial

Today we are using our beautiful silk gold leaves, some sparkly ribbon and a gold bead to create a pretty bow decoration. This bow would be perfect on a wreath, gift wrap or other decorative craft project. You can purchase the silk leaves at Twine and Trimmings.orangegold bow1Start of with 12 pieces of ribbon. I cut 4 pieces at 5 inches, 4 pieces at 6 1/2 inches and 4 pieces at 8 inches long. Fold the ends of each piece of ribbon to their center, overlap a bit and stitch to hold. Be sure to place overlapped area in the center of the folded ribbon as shown. Layer folded pieces on top of each other at different directions and stitch through the centers to secure.

Continue to layer folded ribbon pieces and stitch in place as shown. Next we will add a gold bead to the top center of the bow.

Once bead is sewn on, flip the bow over to add the silk leaves. Here I have used 6 gold silk leaves. They have wire stems. Twist the wire stems together to create a loop. You can use this wire loop to attach your finished bow to whatever project you are working on.

Stitch the leaves on to the back of the bow making sure to capture the wire loop with your stitches. You want a secure hold so you can use the loop to attach the bow to your project. Perhaps you want to add this to a wreath. Simply thread a ribbon or wire through the loop you have just made and attach to your wreath.