feltflower12Here is a fun and easy flower making tutorial. Today, we are making a felt flower with silk leaves. These flowers can be used for corsages, headbands, wreaths, wedding decor, gift wrapping etc… So follow along and make one with us.

Supplies needed: Soft felt, silk leaves, scissors, needle and thread. You can purchase these lavender colored silk leaves which are embellished with pearls and rhinestones at Twine and Trimmings on Etsy

Cut a piece of felt to about 9 inches by 3 inches. feltflower10 Fold felt in half lengthwise and cut the folded edge as shown. The deeper you cut, the longer the petals will be. Just be sure to leave enough of the bottom edge for rolling and sewing the flower together. feltflower9

Roll the folded felt piece up tightly, if needed you can put a stitch in it to hold it in place as you roll.feltflower7 Once the flower is all rolled up, sew in place with several stitches. feltflower5feltflower6Next, take 2 silk leave stems, fold up the stems and trim any extra length (wire snips make this easier than scissors). feltflower4feltflower3Secure stem in place with a few stitches, I used about 10. You could also use hot glue but I prefer stitching. Flip over and admire your beautiful flower arrangement! Great for headbands, wreaths, floral arrangements, corsages and gift wrap. feltflower1



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