burlapbag3aToday we create fun ways to customize your gift bags. For this project we will use our 6.25 x 10 inch burlap gift bag and a piece of our beautiful pineapple ribbon. burlapbag11aI have cut two pieces of ribbon, one approx. 16 inches long and the other about 3 inches long.

Take the longer piece of ribbon and hand form a bow as shown above. Tack a stitch to hold in place. (you could use hot glue instead)

Next, fold the smaller piece of ribbon on to itself lengthwise as shown. This will become the tie to hold the center of the bow. Stitch in place across the center of bow as shown.burlapbag6aWrap the tie around and securely stitch in place. This is where stitching will hold better than hot glue.

To create finished ribbon ends, simply fold the ribbon ends in half lengthwise and cut on a diagonal towards center. Repeat for other ribbon end. Now, attach bow to your gift bag. You can use a safety pin, hot glue or stitch in place for a more secure hold.burlapbag3aWe also stock wonderful artificial flowers at Twine and Trimmings. These would be cute to dress up your gift bags too. See below, where we used one of our burlap flowers and one of our satin flowers on the bags.


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