Today we are using our beautiful silk gold leaves, some sparkly ribbon and a gold bead to create a pretty bow decoration. This bow would be perfect on a wreath, gift wrap or other decorative craft project. You can purchase the silk leaves at Twine and Trimmings.orangegold bow1Start of with 12 pieces of ribbon. I cut 4 pieces at 5 inches, 4 pieces at 6 1/2 inches and 4 pieces at 8 inches long. Fold the ends of each piece of ribbon to their center, overlap a bit and stitch to hold. Be sure to place overlapped area in the center of the folded ribbon as shown. Layer folded pieces on top of each other at different directions and stitch through the centers to secure.

Continue to layer folded ribbon pieces and stitch in place as shown. Next we will add a gold bead to the top center of the bow.

Once bead is sewn on, flip the bow over to add the silk leaves. Here I have used 6 gold silk leaves. They have wire stems. Twist the wire stems together to create a loop. You can use this wire loop to attach your finished bow to whatever project you are working on.

Stitch the leaves on to the back of the bow making sure to capture the wire loop with your stitches. You want a secure hold so you can use the loop to attach the bow to your project. Perhaps you want to add this to a wreath. Simply thread a ribbon or wire through the loop you have just made and attach to your wreath.


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