wreath20Today, we will create this lovely wreath using silk flowers, ribbon and fabric leaves. Start with a 12 inch foam wreath. I used around 9 yards of the 1 1/2 inch wide champagne double satin ribbon to wrap the wreath in.

Start with a dab of hot glue, (you can also use glue dots), and begin to wrap the ribbon around the wreath, overlapping it as you go.

I then used around 2 yards of the fuchsia tinsel ribbon to create a hanging loop and decorative ribbon over top the champagne ribbon. Fold the tinsel ribbon in half and create a loop. Hot glue the two sides of the ribbon to the back side of the wreath. Then wind the remaining ribbon around the wreath, finishing at the bottom. Bring the ribbon ends to the back of the wreath and hot glue.

Gather leaves to use as you wish around the wreath. You can trim them to any length and twist the wires together to hold in place before gluing to the wreath.

Add small flower clusters and silk pearl leaves to the wreath, glue in place. step14Layout your flowers and additional leaves before gluing in place to make sure that you are happy with the design. I grouped vintage silk pink flowers on the bottom edge of the wreath. I used dark green leaves behind them to set them off. Towards the top edge of the wreath I used the lavender flowers and leaves. I placed gold leaves in between for a bit of sparkle and glam. Continue to fill in with leaves to complete the wreath. If you would like to purchase this wreath, it is available on my Etsy store, Twine and Trimmings.


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