If you are like me, you don’t like to throw any sizeable ribbon remnants away. So today, I decided to create a bow from some of my left over ribbon pieces. nautical bow5To make it interesting, I chose different ribbon textures, velvet, sheer and wired canvas. I used some glitter leaves for a touch of holiday sparkle. I also worked front to back on this project, starting with the top ribbon as I had the most length in it.

Cut approximately 10 inches off a 2 yard length of sheer ribbon. Form the bow loops on top of the cut off piece. Pinch the center of the bow loops, and cinch in place with a couple of stitches. The gold leaves I used have wire stems that can be wrapped around the center of the bow.

Here is where I changed things, (sorry did not take updated photos). I had originally placed the anchor ribbon under the sheer bow. Later, I decided that the burgundy velvet bow would look better there so I removed the anchor bow and put the velvet one under the sheer bow.

Create these bows from various lengths, 20 inches for the wired and a bit less for the velvet. Fold the ribbon lengths in half, overlapping the ends. Stitch the center to cinch into a bow shape. Sew to attach each bow under the first bow.

After adding a bow in a striped wired ribbon, I only had one piece of this ribbon left. Pinch the center and stitch in place. Snip the ends in a V shape for a nice look. You do this by folding the ribbon in half length wise and cutting a small diagonal off the end. (Cut towards the ribbon length from the end)

To add more dimension the center of the formed bow, you can add a fun ribbon flower. To make it, cut a length of ribbon, sew loose stitches along one edge and pull to gather into a flower shape. Use a separate piece of ribbon to form the long loose ends, stitch in place. Cut the tails for a finished look. I used about a yard length to make  both the flower and loose ends. Use a glue gun to attach glitter leaves. I tucked mine between the velvet bow and the wired bow. For the final touch, add a button to the very center of the bow, either glue or stitch in place.

This bow is available for purchase on my Etsy shop, as are many of the pieces used to create it. nautical bow5



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