This mini tree decoration is loaded with fun holiday sparkle. This is created using a hot glue gun and a foam cone base, ribbon, trim, pompoms, and mini bows. Read below to see how it was put together.treecenterpieceaAHere are some of the elements used to create this fun Christmas centerpiece. I decided to use the mini bows instead of the plaid bows pictured. I cut lengths of ribbon long enough to go over the top of the tree and hang down on each side. These were then hot glued in place.

Next, using hot glue, I pinched the top ribbon edges in to give it a more finished look. Once the foam base was covered in the ribbon, I then wrapped a sparkly ribbon around, gluing in place.

Then I selected other ribbons and trims to wrap around the tree.

The pom pom and ribbon bow top was sewn in place for a more secure hold. For a finishing touch, decorative pom poms and mini bows were glued on as mini ornaments. I also create tiny gold ornaments from gold tinsel wire and glue these on too.

This festive Christmas tree centerpiece is available for purchase at my shop on Etsy, Twine and Trimmings.


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